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Building and sharing a sustainable future

What if every drop of water and every ray of sunlight could be recovered, optimised or recycled? What if every brick could be reinvested in a new building at a later stage? And what if every outdoor space could become a refuge for biodiversity, preserving fragile ecosystems and supporting harmonious cohabitation between man and nature?

Kiem 2050, sustainable urban planning starts today

Kiem 2050, the first residential development to be designed using a circular approach in Kirchberg, is already projecting itself into the urban planning of tomorrow, with the ambition of creating an exemplary model in Luxembourg that respects the environment and has a positive impact on biodiversity. 

From design through to completion, Kiem 2050 incorporates materials that respect people and nature, as well as energy-saving technologies and sustainable construction practices. It's about going beyond pre-existing ways of doing things in order to create living spaces that inspire, breathe and last.

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"Together, we have the power to build a more inclusive, accessible and resilient world, in which sustainable development is a concrete reality."

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Sustainable & affordable housing

Our sustainable & affordable housing

Our sustainable, affordable housing offers a cost-effective way to live in Kirchberg without compromising on your quality of life. Find out about our 135 quality flats, ranging in size from 52 to 136 m², with 1 to 5 bedrooms, complemented by shared indoor and outdoor spaces.

Affordable housing

Living & Working flats

Living & Working flats

For professionals looking to harmonise their work and personal lives, these small town houses offer a comfortable living space in which to create a practical working environment. Strategically located and close to public transport, they offer exceptional flexibility and practicality.

Living & Working



Our Coliving flats redefine communal living by offering a balance between privacy and social interaction. Located on the ground floor, they are made up of individual rooms, each with its own private bathroom, and a communal living area that encourages new friendships and experience sharing.


An exceptional quality of life

An exceptional quality of life: KIEM 2050 offers not just a home, but an enriched residential experience. Each living space is private, but opens onto places to meet, share and work, all in a village atmosphere. The spaces are designed to promote well-being, social interaction and respect for the environment. More than a building complex, Kiem 2050 is a project looking towards a shared and positive future for the community.

An exceptional quality of life

See the project in pictures

The project in pictures

The latest news

Le Fonds Kirchberg, Immobel et Prefalux annoncent le lancement du Projet Kiem 2050

Ce mercredi 7 juin, le Fonds Kirchberg, Immobel et Prefalux, en présence de François Bausch, Vice-Premier ministre, ministre de la Mobilité et des Travaux publics,...

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