Live where you work!

Live where you work!

By combining your professional activity with your home, these flats rethink the very notion of comfort, economy and practicality. Their clever design allows visibility from the street while preserving your privacy, ensuring a perfect symbiosis between personal and professional life. Designed as city homes/loft apartments, these split-level dwellings are built around a patio and offer plenty of views of the outside world: On the city side and the park side, you'll enjoy gardens and direct access to a landscaped park, all located in the centre of an eco-district!

Discover a new way of living in Kirchberg!

Professional side

Set up your business from home with this 12m² independent office. Bright and equipped with private toilets, it offers maximum visibility with its street-facing window. You'll benefit from a private entrance and a front garden for a calm and inspiring working environment. The office space can easily be converted into a private area if you prefer to use your apartment for residential purposes only.

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Professional side

Personal side

Just like little houses in the city, these duplex flats are available with 2 or 3 bedrooms. Arranged around a patio, they are bathed in natural light all year round. They have been designed to open up to the outside world in a number of ways, with the master suite and its private bathroom opening onto the patio, and the upstairs bedrooms opening onto the grounds.

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Personal side
  • Playground
  • Conservatory
  • Multi-purpose room
  • Yoga room
  • Library
  • Urban vegetable garden
  • Landscaped park
  • Restaurants, shops and services
  • Concierge


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Block Apartment Type Floor Living area (m²) Garden area (m²) Patio area (m²) Associated shared areas Price incl. VAT (3%) Plan Status
F8 8a.-130 3 bedrooms Rez-de-ville 110.37 66.15 18.25 6.38 €1,618,562.25 Available
F8 8a.-140 2 bedrooms Rez-de-ville 110.64 66.16 18.51 6.36 €1,614,222.41 Available
F8 8b.-130 2 bedrooms Rez-de-ville 110.58 66.16 18.39 6.35 €1,612,488.34 Available
F8 8b.-140 3 bedrooms Rez-de-ville 109.91 66.16 18.24 6.36 €1,614,179.89 Available
F9b 9b.-130 2 bedrooms Rez-de-ville 110.26 66.05 18.29 6.34 €1,609,998.57 Available
F9b 9b.-140 3 bedrooms Rez-de-ville 109.81 66.05 18.4 6.34 €1,608,589.38 Available
F9b 9b.-150 2 bedrooms Rez-de-ville 110.66 66.05 18.44 6.35 €1,611,353.68 Available
F9b 9b.-160 3 bedrooms Rez-de-ville 108.72 66.05 18.44 6.25 €1,585,392.58 Available

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