Redefine living together through Coliving

As part of the Kiem 2050 project, coliving enables young workers to live in a community. These ground-floor apartments include individual rooms with their own bathroom, as well as a communal area where residents can meet up and enjoy spending time together.

Coliving: discover our apartments

Consisting of 5 large bedrooms, each with its own private bathroom, Coliving apartments redefine the codes of shared accommodation by preserving residents' privacy while encouraging exchanges, living together and sharing thanks to a vast communal space where residents can cook, chat or have fun together.


Companies and investors, create your tribe!

An innovative solution for housing your employees in the heart of Kirchberg.

Striking a balance between privacy and social interaction, Coliving is an innovative living experience that offers residents not only a pleasant, comfortable and dynamic living environment, but also an exceptional location in Kirchberg with direct access to the green spaces and various services available in the eco-district.

Coliving is the perfect solution for investors wishing to rent apartments, but also for companies wishing to offer their employees quality accommodation, thereby strengthening their bonds and team spirit.

  • Playground
  • Winter garden
  • Multi-purpose hall
  • Yoga room
  • Library
  • Urban vegetable garden
  • Landscaped park
  • Restaurants, shops and services
  • Concierge


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Block Apartment Type Floor Living area (m²) Terrace area (m²) Price incl. VAT (17%) Plan Status
F7b 7b.020 5 bedrooms Rez-de-parc 161.02 - €1,640,518.07 Available
F9a 9a.020 5 bedrooms Rez-de-parc 181.55 18.94 €2,041,260.56 Available
F9a 9a.030 5 bedrooms Rez-de-parc 174.13 21.12 €2,043,062.47 Available
F10 10.020 5 bedrooms Rez-de-parc 198.73 21.49 €2,053,894.05 Available
F10 10.030 5 bedrooms Rez-de-parc 207.12 21.6 €2,056,209.35 Available

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